The CID seeks to foster knowledge transfer between academics and practitioners by publishing:

  • Scholarly research digest articles;
  • Practitioner insights and interviews;
  • Articles on economic history; and
  • Book reviews.

Contributors to the CID include: (a) Scholars seeking to enhance the impact of their research by delving into the practical implications of their theoretical or empirical studies; (b) Consultants reporting on challenges faced by commodity market participants; and (c) Industry economists providing analyses on their areas of market expertise.

TheĀ CID is a successor publication to the legacy Global Commodities Applied Research Digest (GCARD).

The Commodity Insights Digest is co-edited by Ana-Maria Fuertes, Ph.D. in International Finance, and Hilary Till, M.Sc. in Statistics.


Dr. Ana-Maria Fuertes, Professor in Finance and Econometrics at Bayes Business School - City, University of London (U.K.); and Managing Co-Editor, CID. Fuertes focuses on editing scholarly articles in the CID.

Commodity Insights Digest